Marybeth & Ben’s Wedding

In November of 1999 my family and I started going to Grace Community Church, then called Providence Community Church, and I met a girl named Marybeth.  We were in youth group together, I am about a year younger than her brother Joel and about a year older than her.  We went to homeschool enrichment programs together, I was in study hall with her, though I don’t think we were ever in the same classes.  Eventually Mb grew up and started attending the University of Denver as a piano performance major.  As part of her studies she had the opportunity to do a study abroad program and was in Italy for a semester, while she was there a few of us began to notice this guy who seemed to find a way to be next to her in almost every picture.  He was obviously interested and I kinda wondered who he was.  After they came home this guy, Ben is his name, began to come to church with Marybeth, and it became obvious that the interest was mutual.  Back in August (yes I’m that behind…gah!) they got married at GCC and then went to DU for photos and their reception.  I had the privilege of second shooting this wedding with a wonderful South African photographer and friend Lizelle Lotter.

the final getting ready moments!

one last look at his girl before giving her away…

fun bridesmaids shot while Lizelle was working with the guys

full bridal party

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