Brayton & Nikki Baby Bump!

Okay, get ready to meet one of the cutest pregnant couples ever!  Nikki & Brayton are just cool, she’s the artsy free spirited cosmetologist type, and he’s the videographer, musician, planner.  They live in an old church that they are renovating, complete with stained glass windows and huge arched ceilings near downtown Harrison, Ohio with their cute little dog.  What did I tell you?  They’re cool!  And they are bound to have a super cute baby in a couple of months.  I had so much fun working with Brayton & Nikki and I can hardly wait to meet their baby!!

This may be my fave from the shoot, it’s definitely in the top 5. :)

Brayton is the fourth Brayton Deal (I can’t remember his middle name, sorry Brayton!) in a row and if this baby is a boy he will continue the tradition.  Brayton has a picture of himself as a baby with the three preceding Brayton Deals all wearing that shirt.

Nikki said that she wore those argyle socks because they are the trademark of her pregnancy. :)

Brayton made this giant canvas for Nikki as a fun date idea when they were dating and they’ve repainted it a few times already during various stages of their relationship.  They decided to make a painting for the baby room using whatever paint they had and their hands!  They coordinated well, it turned out kind of looking like a world map, and they had a ton of fun doing it!!  What a great idea!

Brayton gave Nikki permission to put her paint soaked hands on his face…


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