Story of My Life: Brunch

This morning I got up having finally (after borrowing my neighbor’s rolling pin) gathered all of the materials to make a biscuit mix that Joe & Meg gave me when I was in Cinci a couple of weeks ago. It called for both heavy cream and half and half, both dairy products that I do not regularly keep on hand. I purchased little baby containers of them at the store over the last two weeks and at last, it’s biscuit time!

The box had a recipe for cinnamon rolls as well as biscuits so I split the dough and made half biscuits and half cinnamon rolls! I’m excited to see how they turn out! :)

Someone gave me some yummy venison sausage last week, far less gamey than most venison I’ve had before, and I fried those up too. Brunch is on!

Cinnamon rolls just came out of the oven right as I finished this! They sure look good! :)

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