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NYC PhotoRambles – D.U.M.B.O. Explorations with Katelyn

Recently my friend Katelyn and I went on a photoramble through Brooklyn Heights and D.U.M.B.O. (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass). I love this area, it truly is one of my favorite parts of the city. The air is a little salty from being so close to the water and feels more open and fresh than the other parts of the city. There is an atmosphere of art and creativity with galleries, co-working spaces, cafes, and coffee shops tucked into every corner. Flavors and colors abound as tourists and locals soak in the Manhattan skyline and the grandeur of the Promenade.

untitled-38PicMonkey Collage 3

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Apple Picking (ish) Adventure!

The joys of apple picking as an essential fall event have been much lauded in my circle of friends and this year I was finally going to do it! We picked just the right day, with the perfect weather, and a great group of plaid-clad friends ready for adventure. The only hitch in our plan is that we were going on a Sunday after church, on the week when we had a guest speaker who was notorious for going over time. On this occasion the guest speaker not only went over our normal end time, but exceeded it by two hours! The meeting was great and no one wanted to leave, but by the time we got in the car it was quite late in the afternoon. We grabbed lunch and hit the highway. After an hour long drive through deliciously colored trees we arrived at the orchard…right when they stopped letting anyone in to pick apples. We were, needless to say, quite disappointed. However, our amazing community made the best of it by devouring an entire pie standing up (emotional eating much?), rallying together for a freezing cold game of miniature golf, and then having a fun dinner together. Overall it was a really fun day of getting to build community and making new friends, even though it wasn’t quite the day we were hoping to experience. Here’s to next year, may the apples be juicy, the weather be sunny, and the caravan leave early!


My friend Jordan decided to model the pumpkins for us…


PicMonkey Collage
Glorious foliage everywhere!
Here’s a couple shots from my Instagram:
What do you do when your apple picking opportunity has been stolen from you? Devour an entire apple pie standing up. Duh. #jhoppicksapples #ejlnyc14 #vscocam #latergram
We went to go apple picking yesterday, but much to our disappointment they closed the orchard right when we arrived. #ejlnyc14 #jhoppicksapples #vscocam #latergram
Despite our change in plans or was a delightfully full and fun day! I love getting to spend time with friends like this gorgeous woman! #jhoppicksapples #ejlnyc14 #vscocam #latergram #pumpkin
Me and my sweet friend Jenny – aren’t her eyes amazing!?
We finished the night of with a round of mini golf, followed by dinner at the Palisades Mall (that place is HUGE). #jhoppicksapples #ejlnyc14 #vscocam #latergram #pumpkin
Hello upstate New York! #jhoppicksapples #ejlnyc14 #vscocam #latergram #pumpkin
It has begun. #ejlnyc14 #jhoppicksapples #latergram #leaves #vscocam

Decanted Youth at the Way Station

A couple weeks ago I got to listen to and photograph Decanted Youth performing live at the Way Station in Brooklyn. Way Station is a fun little bar with a full live music roster featuring every type of music imaginable. I’ve seen an fourteen piece band (that overflowed the stage) perform, followed by a Spanish Japanese fusion rock band. This night was a blues singer on guitar, followed by Decanted Youth – a collaborative group that was comprised this time of two of the Moore sisters singing indi acoustic covers and original songs, followed by a duo from California singing angry pop rock ballads. You never know what you’ll get at the Way Station but chances are you’ll hear some talented people…or at the very least, you’ll have an experience to talk about. ;) The Dr Who theme of the bar is a little lost on me, but for aficionados of the show this would also be a fun spot.

Decanted Youth did a great job performing and I’m excited to see them there again on November 12th with Peace for Old Ghosts at 8:00pm.

untitled-37Band tips are collected in the biggest Guiness glass ever.

Amy & Matt’s Exotic Elopement – Destination Wedding Negril Jamaica

My friend and former co-worker Amy contacted me a few months ago to ask if I would be willing to fly to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica and photograph her elopement. Obviously it didn’t take me much time to say yes. On April 17th I woke up at the wee hours of the morning and caught a plane to Jamaica. I met Matt for the first time upon arrival and was immediately impressed with his warm, open personality. I was able to hang out with Amy & Matt, and the two other couples who were vacationing with them, for two days before photographing their wedding on April 19th and I had a marvelous time with their group! This was my first destination wedding and, having photographed, been in, and attended many many weddings, I can safely say that this was the most relaxed, happy, fully enjoyed wedding by all involved. Laughter was the predominate feature of the day, as you will see in their photos.


We caught a few sunset photos the night before the wedding! Caribbean sunsets are to die for!

A&M Collage1
untitled-531I don’t think you could find a more ecstatic groom than Matt, he was so overjoyed!

A&M Collage 2
untitled-634First dance!
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Arielle Takes New York

Last summer a vivacious, red haired woman named Arielle arrived in New York City.  She moved into Brooklyn and lived in a Victorian house that was only a few blocks away from the house where I lived.  Although this city is packed with millions of people, Arielle and I managed to meet and become good friends.  This woman is not only gorgeous, but she is also a talented singer and actress, has an amazing laugh, and an intensity and passion for life that is rare.  Last week Arielle announced that she is moving out of the city and, although I will miss her dreadfully, I know that this is going to be a great new start for her.  I look forward to seeing the way that she impacts her new city, just as she has impacted New York City, and me.

We stumbled upon this church in my neighborhood with an amazing mural on the side and these fantastic chairs…we couldn’t resist!

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Kate is Great

What do you get if you put two photographers in an Astoria apartment for a weekend?  In this case, you get a fine art inspired photoshoot.  My dear friend Katelyn (who is an incredibly talented artist in her own right) and I started dreaming about doing a styled, collaborative shoot together, in nicer weather.  In the midst of pinning and chatting we decided, why wait?  Let’s do one now with what we have on hand.  So we did.

The Next Big Move


How are things going?  :)  I’m getting ready for a big change here and wanted to fill you in on the details.  As you may know from following this blog or my Facebook Page, I’ve been living and working in the Charlotte, North Carolina area for the past two and a half years.  I’ve also traveled to Denver, CO, Louiseville, KY, and Cincinnati and Columbus, OH to do photography.  Living in Charlotte has been great and I have really enjoyed my time here and the amazing people that I have met.  I started doing newborn photography here and have been able to expand into new areas in many ways with my creativity.  I love this clean, bright city and I’m looking forward to seeing how it expands and grows in the future.
PicMonkey Collage

Charlotte as been great, but I feel the pull of adventure calling me again, this time to New York City.  That’s right, the Big Apple.  :)

I am moving to New York City in three weeks, around March 15th, and I am so excited!!

I will be available for photography while in New York and I look forward to meeting many new people there and expanding in new ways.  This is not the end of the story Charlotte!  I will be traveling back to Charlotte periodically to visit and I will be available for photography work at those times.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions, ideas, and requests for shoots.

I am available to do photography work in Charlotte over the next three weeks!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me and schedule a shoot before I leave! 

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions in the comments below or on my Facebook Page.548589_10150914763032029_676848796_n