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Anna Grace.Newborn { Charlotte Newborn Photographer }

A couple of weeks ago I got to photograph this beautiful new little person named Anna Grace.  She was amazing and sweet and slept through almost the entire shoot which was great!  I love getting to photograph these babies!  They are so precious and fresh and lovely.  You can see where Anna Grace gets her sweet personality from her mom Michelle, who we managed to snatch a couple of photos with as well.  Without further ado, world, I present Anna Grace.

Team Tutu Time!

Giving a speech?

A truly vintage baby dress, hand made by her great aunt for her grandmother (if I remember correctly) and passed down to her.  Worn by three generations so far. 

Special hand made and treasured gifts.

Anna Grace.Newborn Preview { Charlotte Newborn Photographer }

This week I got to go take pictures of an adorable little new baby girl named Anna Grace.  She and her Momma were very sweet to work with and I think I can truly say that a good time was had by all.  Here’s just a preview to whet your visual appetite!  :)

Trammell Family & Joel Michael’s Six Month Portraits

I got to go home to Colorado for the holidays this year which was quite lovely!  I had several adventures that will be related in subsequent posts.  I also got to have a little reunion with the marvelous Trammell family!  You may remember baby Joel Michael from his newborn portraits that I took back in July.  He has grown and changed quite a bit since then, as babies are apt to do, and his parents wanted to get some family portraits along with 6-month portraits of the little man.  We headed out on what turned out to be a sunny, pretty day in early January and took these around Olde Town Arvada.  Such a treat!  It’s so fun to get to help chronicle the beginning stages in the life of a little human being!  He’s off to a great start!

Cora.Newborn { Charlotte Newborn Photographer }

This is the one of the benefits of being a photographer, I get to go to the homes of precious new families and catch a glimpse of the very beginning of their children’s lives.  What an amazing job!  Sweet little Cora was eight days old already a Daddy’s girl.  I greatly enjoyed meeting and spending an hour getting to know the entire family.

Looking at the camera already!

We had to include the whole family. :)  This is Olivia, the “big sister.”

We took some pictures in the pretty girly nursery.

Brock & Chelsie Nebraska Maternity Photos

I have had the privilege of visiting one of my dear friends on her family’s ranch in northern Nebraska for New Years.  I have been here for a few days bashing around with Tiffany on the ranch and it has been a great adventure!  Tiffany’s sister-in-law Chelsie is an amazing photographer here in Nebraska and I got to run out with her and her husband Brock, with Tiffany acting as our stylist, to take a few pictures of them together.

Photo bomb by our stylist the lovely Tiffany. :)Gotta have at least one classic portrait in there.

The following two are definitely my faves!

Gotta finish it off with a family photo with “big brother” Archimedes

Clancy Family ( Charlotte Family Photographer )

Right after Thanksgiving I met up with the adorable Clancy family to take some pictures for their Christmas cards.  We went to the Greenway and had a lovely time playing in the leaves, running through the fields, and taking a few “portraits” in between all the playing.  I met Lori earlier through a group at church but I had never met the rest of the family until the day of the shoot and I was delighted to make their acquaintance.  I also appreciated how much easier it is in some ways to take pictures of slightly older children.  I love babies and toddlers but having kids who will hold still for a picture makes my job a lot easier!  Such cute and sweet girls!

You can see that the girls come by their beauty naturally with such good looking parents!

Besties!This was the view as we were leaving.

Playing at the Park

Today I got to spend some time with my dear friend Calun, whose family portraits we took a few months ago.  Her two cute little kids, Judah and Annabelle were playing as we enjoyed the beautiful weather.  I couldn’t help posting a few because of the utter cuteness of the kids! :)

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