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Instruments Collage

The Hartley School: A Music Conservatory

As I was preparing to go to Colorado to visit my family this past March, my old friend Marybeth Wood contacted me about doing some non-traditional music photos for her music conservatory, The Hartley School. We had a fabulous time with about ten of her students, with varied ages and instruments, on a sunny day in Broomfield, Colorado. The kids were great sports and really are having fun learning music from Marybeth and her fellow teachers. I’m excited to see what the future of this school holds! If you are looking for a fabulous and fun place to for your kids to learn music, check out The Hartley School.

Percussion Collage 1
Hartley Collage 1
Instruments Collage

Family and friends, you can see more photos and order professional prints here: http://bit.ly/TheHartleySchoolGallery

Please contact for any commercial licensing questions.

Story Of My Life – Let it Snow

Between yesterday evening and this evening it snowed somewhere in the region of 14 – 18″.  I’ve been sitting at the kitchen table in my family’s home in Colorado (I’m here for the holidays) and working on editing surrounded by family members on various electronic devices or working on creative projects.  It has been quite fun.  At one point I jumped up to catch the pretty light that I saw through the window and then discovered the icicles below hanging right outside our front door.  I know that I didn’t show much of the actual snow but it’s kind of hard to demonstrate without getting quite wet and cold so I didn’t venture too far out.  :)

Pretty light out past the porch.This may be my favorite of the day.

You can click here to see more if you would like! :)

Maggie & Vinny

My dear friends Maggie and Vinny!  Their story is one of patience and long lasting love.  Maggie is a singer and songwriter with a voice like honey and Vinny is one of those men who can do anything.  Together they are quite a pair!  Since these photos were taken they’ve gotten married and are now expecting a baby!  Such dear friends and I’m so glad that they are together at last.  Here is a little sneak peek of their sweet love!

Jesseca R & Her Studly Boys

From the very first contact that I had with Jesseca I was excited about doing her family’s portraits.  She has so much style and flair and her two boys were not only super adorable but also have sweet personalities.  Gotta love those little hats and ties!  Not only were they delightful to photograph but I loved getting to know Jesseca a little bit through our conversation as we tramped through the back alleyways in Olde Town.  Having clients who become friends is one of the best parts about my job!  Jesseca you are a beautiful and delightful woman and your sons are going to grow up to be fantastic men!


I Moved!!

On September 1st I packed up my car and set off on a 5 day cross country road trip in pursuit of growth and change and creativity on the East Coast.  I have certainly encountered all three since I’ve been here!  I’m really excited to be in the Charlotte, NC (York County, SC) area and to launch my photography business in this area.  I am open to travel and I will be going back to Colorado for visits so if you are in that area and want some photography work let me know and I’ll schedule you in around a time that I’m visiting.  I’m very open to travel to other places for wedding or event coverage or any other photography needs that you may have.  Email me with details and we’ll work something out.  In the meantime I’m here and about to launch some new photography services to business owners in the Charlotte area. Keep your eyes open for new improvements to this site and more community interaction as well as posts of some shoots of fantastic people that I did before leaving home.

Charlotte, I’m open for business!!

Kendra & Jake’s Wedding

My friend Kendra and I met a few years ago at a conference, I had been on ministry teams with both of her parents and they kept saying that we needed to meet.  For one reason or another I was a total spazz when we finally did meet and so I thought I ruined my chances of being friend with this tall, gorgeous, kind of quiet, blue eyed girl.  I’m happy to say that it turns out that I was wrong!  =)  Kendra and I became great friends!  In fact she was one of the first people I ever did portraits of a couple of years ago.  What a gal!  About a year ago she started talking about this guy Jake in glowing terms.  Now I’m a tad bit protective of my friends and I wasn’t so sure about this Jake guy, but the more I heard about them and as their relationship progressed I began to see that this was the man she would be with forever.  It was so exciting to get to be part of Kendra’s big day!  Because of my crazy travel schedule I ended up being a second shooter just in case I couldn’t make it back in time.  Without further ado, Kendra and Jake!

They did a “first look” where they saw each other before the wedding.

Laura K’s Portrait Session

About a year and a half ago I met the lovely Laura in a class that I was helping teach at my church and we had been in touch via Facebook on and off since then so I was very excited to have a chance to take some college graduation photos for her a couple of weeks ago.  It was so fun to catch up with her a little bit and hang out for a while and ramble through the back alleys of Olde Town Arvada.  Laura I loved taking these photos with you and I hope that you enjoy them!!