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Joseph & Megan Trash the Dress

If you have been following my blog for a while then the faces that you are about to see will be familiar ones.  My brother Joseph married his sweet wife Megan on 11.11.11.  I had the privilege of taking their engagement photos in Boulder and then photographing the reception at their wedding (I was in the ceremony).  They are some of my favorite people in the world and it is not only because I’m related to them.  :)  Joseph is a wonderful man, very caring and thoughtful, entrepreneurial and inventive.  Megan is a bit more structured although no less hospitable, an amazing cook (especially with a crockpot), a hard working nurse, and quite the go-getter.  Her non-profit, Wawaza Movement, raised money to build an orphanage in Kenya by asking teenagers to give up a Chipotle and two Starbucks a month.  These two are bound to be world changers, in fact, they already are!

Getting ready!

Thankfully they’re up for adventure and we pulled off the side of the road and took the first half of these in a field before heading to Downtown Harrison to take the rest.

My little assistant, Megan’s youngest sibling, Molly.