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Amy & Matt’s Exotic Elopement – Destination Wedding Negril Jamaica

My friend and former co-worker Amy contacted me a few months ago to ask if I would be willing to fly to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica and photograph her elopement. Obviously it didn’t take me much time to say yes. On April 17th I woke up at the wee hours of the morning and caught a plane to Jamaica. I met Matt for the first time upon arrival and was immediately impressed with his warm, open personality. I was able to hang out with Amy & Matt, and the two other couples who were vacationing with them, for two days before photographing their wedding on April 19th and I had a marvelous time with their group! This was my first destination wedding and, having photographed, been in, and attended many many weddings, I can safely say that this was the most relaxed, happy, fully enjoyed wedding by all involved. Laughter was the predominate feature of the day, as you will see in their photos.


We caught a few sunset photos the night before the wedding! Caribbean sunsets are to die for!

A&M Collage1
untitled-531I don’t think you could find a more ecstatic groom than Matt, he was so overjoyed!

A&M Collage 2
untitled-634First dance!
untitled-789 Continue reading

Alex & Jessica – Engaged.

Alex & Jessica were so fun to work with! They got up super early and braved the freezing cold weather (it was 27 degrees when we started) so that we could get some amazing sunrise photos for their engagement.  We went to a lookout point at Eden Park in Cincinnati, Ohio to do their photos, the view was amazing!!1  Alex & Jessica have such a great story, they were assigned to be lab partners in an Anatomy & Physiology class and became friends, now here they are three years later getting married!  They seem like such good friends and you can tell by being with them how much they care about each other.  Congratulations Alex & Jessica!!

Joseph & Megan Trash the Dress

If you have been following my blog for a while then the faces that you are about to see will be familiar ones.  My brother Joseph married his sweet wife Megan on 11.11.11.  I had the privilege of taking their engagement photos in Boulder and then photographing the reception at their wedding (I was in the ceremony).  They are some of my favorite people in the world and it is not only because I’m related to them.  :)  Joseph is a wonderful man, very caring and thoughtful, entrepreneurial and inventive.  Megan is a bit more structured although no less hospitable, an amazing cook (especially with a crockpot), a hard working nurse, and quite the go-getter.  Her non-profit, Wawaza Movement, raised money to build an orphanage in Kenya by asking teenagers to give up a Chipotle and two Starbucks a month.  These two are bound to be world changers, in fact, they already are!

Getting ready!

Thankfully they’re up for adventure and we pulled off the side of the road and took the first half of these in a field before heading to Downtown Harrison to take the rest.

My little assistant, Megan’s youngest sibling, Molly.

Cincinnati Trip Preview

This past weekend I took a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio to visit my brother & sister-in-love and take a bunch of pictures!  It was such a great trip!  We were blessed with marvelous weather and some really fun locations, not to mention amazing people to photograph!  There will be much more coming soon!

We started the weekend off right with lots of good food.

Then we did a super fun “Trash the Dress” shoot with Joe & Meg.

Then we had more good food.

I got up reeeeeally early on Monday to do a sunrise engagement shoot with Alex & Jessica!  They were such good sports braving not only the dark but also the freezing cold weather.  I’d say it was worth it for those colors!

I went back to Joe & Meg’s house for about an hour and then headed to the other side of town to do a fun maternity shoot with Brayton & Nikki.  When I say fun, I mean fun.  We’re talking finger paint, musical instruments, and their super eclectic style.

We took Megan’s bestie Melissa out for her 21st birthday right before I left and we surprised her by doing a mini shoot downtown.

I also made a quick 12-hour stop in Columbus, Ohio on my way home and did a mini-shoot with my friend Tina Marie.

More than anything it was truly a delight to get to spend so much time with my dear brother and his lovely wife.  I had only seen them once since their wedding in November and it was so nice to get to hang out together without the wedding rush.

Lots of editing ahead but I’m so excited to share these pictures with you that it should go quickly!  Keep your eyes peeled (what a weird expression) for more!

Let’s Fly Away

Today I was working on making a flyer for my upcoming trip to Cincinnati and I ended up making this along the way!  I liked it so much I wanted to share! :)  It’s a picture from Joseph & Megan’s engagement pictures last spring.  Enjoy!

Joseph & Megan Tie The Knot {Cincinatti, OH Wedding}

My sweet brother Joseph got married to his dear girl Megan (click to see their engagement pictures) on 11.11.11 and I had the privilege of not only being a bridesmaid in the wedding but also of taking pictures during the reception.  They are two of my favorite people in the world and their wedding was so sweet and fun.  My brother David and I got to sing a song during the ceremony which was another special moment and memory that we enjoyed.  Thanks Joe & Meg for including me in your day!  Love you!

I snagged a few pictures while we were getting ready and then I had to stop and actually get ready myself!  The lovely bride getting her hair done.

Megan reading the letter that Joe sent with her wedding gift.

Megan’s wonderful Daddy peeking in as she was getting her hair done.

Fast forward to the reception!

Megan’s dear Baba, Pastor Julius, who runs the orphanage that her organization, Waweza Movement, started in Kenya.  It was his first time in the US and at an American wedding.  He was quite the picture taker throughout the entire event. :)

I don’t know what they were laughing about but it sure was funny!

My brother Joshua looking studly in his tuxedo.

All of my brothers are so good looking!  This is Ari, the “baby” of the family. Me and my “little” bros!  They’re so big and handsome (L-R, Josh [17], me, Ari [14]).

Our family friend Amy, The Groom Joseph, the brother born after me & before Joe – David (who got married to Alicia – in August), Josh, Ari, and Alicia.

My beautiful sisters (in-love) – Alicia & Megan

Now for the dancing!!

It was fun because the reception photography ended up becoming almost like a photobooth in some instances.

The Moms – Mother of the Groom, Karise, (my Mom) on the Left and Mother of the Bride, Beth, on the Right.