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Chicks Who Click 2009 – Social Media Conference

In January I went to Chicks Who Click 2009, a social media conference geared toward women, in Boulder.  I had a marvelous time, met amazing women, and learned many new things about social media.  One of the conference organizers is my friend Gwen Bell who asked me to come take pictures.  Here are some of my favorites from the event, as always you can click here to see the rest of the set on Flickr.

The first speaker, Jenny Slade from NCWIT.

Wayne Sutton speaking in one of the panel discussions


 @gwenbell & @deetells drawing names for giveaways

@samababy so excited to win a prize!


All about networking

The second panel

The speakers with their custom wine bottle “thank you’s”

Our team kicked ass (as you can see) in a group challenge & we won a trophy!


Pasta Night – Merge Boulder Community

On Wednesday nights in two thousand and eight at the House on the Hill Zak Ferry hosted Pasta Night, a gathering for the members of the Boulder Merge Community.  CU Students and others came for a night of pasta and fun including mafia and a joke competition (completely with yo’ mama’s).

Joke telling competition, isn’t my friend Kelly beautiful!?

Playing Mafia

Net133 – a CU Boulder Gathering

This post is from a college campus networking event hosted by Net133 that I photographed back in April of 2008.  The goal of Net133 is to bring support and unity to college campus ministries and to provide opportunities for college students to serve in the community.  There were about 200 students with 6 different college campus representatives there and as many college campus ministries.  The main speakers were Matt Locket (Bound4Life), Steve Crowder (Highway Community), and Jordan (Merge.)

Setting Up


Ben from CU Boulder speaking with Zak (one of the coordinators)

Click here to see more photos from this set on Flickr.