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Sherah – Portaits

While Sherah was here I convinced her to let me photoshoot her, mostly because I love photographing my friends.  Isn’t she beautiful!  Leave her some comment love and tell her how gorgeous she is, maybe we can convince her to come back to Denver soon!!


Check out those blue eyes!

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Dushanbe Tea House – Boulder, CO

Another adventure that Sherah and I had, besides trying the crepe place off Pearl on Broadway (Crepes a la Cart, they’re superb, try them out next time you’re in Boulder), stopping in various shoppes, and of course visiting the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, was going to do the Dushanbe Tea House.  Some time I want to go and really photoshoot that place, but here’s what I have for now.  The Tea House was imported from Tajikistan as a present for Boulder from a sister city there named Dushanbe.  It’s an amazing and delicious experience!!

There are huge, intricately carved wood pillars inside the tea house.

Sherah with her Blueberry Almond Tea, so good that she bought some to take home to Arkansas!  And she doesn’t even like tea…

Sherah thought it was cute that the couple at the table next to us was holding hands under the table…so I set my camera on my lap sideways, and did a true point & shoot, this is what I got:

The details and colors in the tea house are stunning.

Denver Aquarium

While my sweet friend Sherah was in town we did all kinds of things around Denver and Boulder that I’d never done before, including visiting the Denver Aquarium.  These are a few of my favorites from that outing (and my commentary)! :)

This guy must have been on the welcome committee because he swam all along the edge of the tank against the side, bobbing up and down as if to say, “Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!”

My Current Desktop Background Buddy:

Doesn’t this guy look like an angry neighbor grouching at you over the hedge?  “Can’t you keep your trash cans on your side of the curb?”

Suffice it to say he didn’t appreciate me taking his picture.

Click here to see the rest of my Denver Aquarium photos.  Enjoy!

Adam & Jessica – Engagement Photos

Adam and Jessica are both good friends of mine, they graciously asked me to do their engagement session (even though I’d never done one before) and we had a great time! Thanks guys! They’ve since gotten married and are having a fabulous life together!

We found this great place near Red Rocks to take the first set.

Nice of someone to graffiti on the rocks for us!

We found this awesome VW sitting in the parking lot and decided to use it.

We got a few shots on Adam’s motorcycle, at this point it was pitch black out, these shots were lit by street lamps only.

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